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20 effective CTAs for more conversions

Call-to-actions or CTAs, you seem them everywhere whether on websites, in emails, mobile applications or even in social media posts.
Adding CTAs to your email or landing page will nudge visitors or users to take a specific action like signing up, downloading some resources, visiting a page and more.

Be clear and specific

Your goal might be capturing leads, adding people to your newsletter list or selling a product. Your CTA should be focusing on that. In other words, “Sign up today” is a good, but. “Sign up for our free trial” is more focused and specific telling the visitor they will start a free trial not just sign up.

Promise value and use curiosity

People are busy; use curiosity and the promise of benefits to get them to take action to the next step. Give hints of what the person will get, and explore different elements (e.g. exclusivity) that will make it even more interesting.

Test and test your CTA

You can increase conversions over time by testing everything. Look at what percentage of your content converts, and then change your CTA to see which version is converting more. For example start with “Get started” and then change it to “Sign up now”.

Education CTAs

No matter what you’re selling, effectively educating your prospect adds exponentially to your value. some example CTAs:

  • Learn more about our products today
  • Book a free consultation now
  • Download our [Ebook, spreadsheet…] to learn more about [product]
  • Become an expert at [X] by signing up for our newsletter today
  • Get the answers to your urgent questions today with our exclusive content. Download it now!

Relationship building CTAs

Sometimes building a deeper relationship with your leads and clients is your main goal. You might consider CTAs such us:

  • Get immediate access to [lead generation content here].
  • Get closer to your goals with exclusive content. Sign up for our newsletter!
  • Join our community for more content, events, and access to industry thought leaders!
  • Sign up for our newsletter today for the latest insights, analysis, and expert commentary.
  • Sign up today for discounts and latest product information.

Sale CTAs

The CTAs that can drive sales can be very simple or sophisticated and complex. A few to get you started:

  • Buy [product] now!
  • Reserve [product] before it runs out
  • Shop now
  • Get [product] and transform your (business/life/body)
  • Checkout now

Risk eliminating CTAs

One of the biggest fears people have before signing up for a product or service is the cost. However, these CTAs will eliminate the perception of risk:

  • Sign up for a free trial
  • Get started today. Risk-free
  • Download our free ebook now
  • Give us a try—risk-free for [X] days
  • Start free today. No credit card required

Focusing on your CTA can be one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate and drive more growth.

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