Contact management

Create and manage audiences, capture, import and add contacts. Manage custom data fields, segments and more for advanced marketing.

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Convert visitors to contacts

Generate an HTML form for each of your audiences to make it easy to capture email addresses and data right from your website. Turn your visitors into leads with a form or sign-up page and add custom fields like checklists and other data fields (e.g. handing demo requests).

Lead generatin form
Audience management

Manage contacts in multiple audiences

Create multiple audiences (mail lists) to easily manage different sources of data and create segments, campaigns and messages for each audience.

See individual customer profile

Visualize data for each customer individually to see their data fields, events, tags and segments in one place.

Individual profile
Contact segmentation

Segment your contacts

Narrow down your audience and only select the right customers who meet certain conditions.


Contact fields

What they do in your product

Email engagement

Open/click location

Subscription status

Email validation result

Contact adding method



Double opt-in is optional and you can import contacts and their data directly without a confirmation as long as you have the right to.
You can create unlimited and different custom fields for all your audiences.
You can customize all subscription notification emails sent to your contacts (e.g. when subscribed, when unsubscribed, double opt-in ...etc) and pages like sign-up, preferences updating and more.
You can customize the code of both sign-up page and webform freely.

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