Security at Dynosend

As a data company, prodiving a good experience while protecting customer data is a top priority. You can grow your business and trust us to keep your data safe.

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Dynosend complies with both GDPR and CCPA and we also enable other businesses to stay compliant when using our service.

Data & Network security

Both application and databases are protected by security groups, only minimal required communication occures between servers.

Application security

The Dynosend application is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and databases on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), both are highly secure cloud providers.

Data security

All connections to Dynosend are encrypted using SSL and all passwords are encrypted, not even our staff can see them.

Data retention

Data is only retained as long as you're still a customer. You can update or delete all your data at any time.

High availability

We strive to provide a 24/7/365 service and for that we maintain your data in different locations and servers running on auto-scaling.

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