Marketing automation

Follow your customers at every stage of their lifecycle, by automating marketing messages and actions in a simple visual workflow builder.

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Workflows for the whole customer lifecycle


Introduce your company by sending a series of welcome emails.


Help users discover your product value faster and urge them to take action.


Reward your customers for using your application and provide them content.


Educate your customers about your product and how to get value from it.


Re-engage customers and keep them longer with targeted messages.

Different triggers for better automations

Added contacts

Trigger a campaign when a contact joins your selected audience.

Joined a segment

Trigger a campaign for contacts who join a certain segment during their time with you.

Performed an event

Trigger a campaign for users who performed a specific action in your product.

Birthday message

Trigger a campaign for your contacts based on a birthday date field.

Contact field value

Trigger a campaign when a contact's field matches the given value (e.g. plan name).

Date/time scheduling

Schedule your campaign to run on a specific date, time and timezone you choose.

Contact is tagged

Trigger your campaign when a contact is tagged with a specific tag you choose.

Contact is blacklisted

Trigger a campaign when a contact gets blacklisted for any reason.

Contact has reported spam

Trigger a campaign when a contact reports any of your emails as spam.

Contact has subscribed

Trigger a campaign when a contact opts to receive emails from you.

Contact has unsubscribed

Trigger a campaign when a contact unsubscribes from an audience.

Contact adding date message

Trigger a yearly campaign on the day your contact was added.

Monthly recurring
Monthly recurring

Run your campaigns on specific days and time every month for all existing and new contacts.

Weekly recurring

Run your campaigns on specific days and time every week for all existing and new contacts.

Easy workflow builder

Our workflow editor lets you build complex compaigns easily. Send messages such us emails and SMS, send webhooks, add logic, delays, internal communication with Slack and many more.

Marketing automation workflow


Marketing automation allows you to perform daily marketing tasks automatically from capturing leads to onboarding customers and beyond. E.g: Welcome messages, upselling campaigns, re-engagement campaigns, feedback requests and more.
Automating tasks can save you hours of time and hard work, and with data and event tracking you can run advanced automations that can do what a human can't do manually and see what your customers are doing behind the scenes.
Working with marketing automation is not complicated, it only takes a few hours to integrate our API with your application and to set up campaigns on Dynosend. You can have a look at our API documentation and knowledge base for more resources.
An active Telnyx account is required to use the SMS feature, but we are working to provide a fully integrated SMS system with credits.

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