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$39 /month
  • Includes 500 people
  • 25,000 emails per month
  • Cancel anytime
Start free trial Pay as you grow with no commitment. Prices are listed in USD. Each additional contact comes with extra emails per month.

Key features

  • Marketing automation

  • Transactional emails

  • SMS marketing via Telnyx

  • Audience management

  • Web form customization

  • Unlimited webhooks and custom fields

  • Team members and user roles

  • Technical support via email

  • Frequently asked questions

    What is an audience?

    An audience is an email list that contains your contacts. Each audience has its own unique contacts, custom fields, tags, segments and webform.

    What is a contact?

    A contact or often refered to as "person" is an email that you store in an audience. If you have the same email address in 2 audiences that will count as 2 contacts.

    How does your billing work?

    You pay upfront for the number of contacts you want to store. We do not charge you automatically for any upgrades or when hitting usage limit.

    Are there any charges for other channels?

    No, webhooks and Slack messages are free of charge. Additional charges may apply for SMS messaging based on your SMS provider, Telnyx. You will get charged by your SMS provider directly.

    What's included in your free trial?

    We provide a 14-day free trial period for all of our features, and you do not need to provide any credit card information to sign up. During the trial period you will get up to 100 contacts and 500 emails.

    Can I adjust or cancel my plan anytime?

    Yes you can upgrade/downgrade at any time to adjust your plan based on your usage needs, or you can cancel any time.

    Does Dynosend own my data?

    Simply no. Your data is yours and you have the right to access it, edit it or delete it at any time. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

    Can I invite my team members?

    Yes you may invite your team members and assign each one of them a role.

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