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Dynosend has all the tools you need for you to create meaningful and targeted campaigns to handle communication with customers.

Data integration methods that fit your business needs

Dynosend provides multiple data integration methods to seamlessly transfer data from your application to our platform, enabling you to leverage it for powerful marketing campaigns.

Direct integration

Leverage our REST API to effortlessly send customer data and events from your application to Dynosend in real-time, enabling seamless integration and timely utilization of data for your marketing efforts.

You may as well import a CSV file of all your contacts or create contacts manually using the UI.

Data integration methods
Audience management
Contact management

Create audiences to handle multiple sources of data

Efficiently manage multiple businesses or sources of data by separating your customers and storing them in distinct lists or audiences, each with its unique set of data. This allows for better organization and segmentation of customer data for targeted marketing campaigns.

Custom fields
Custom fields

Store additional customer data with custom fields

Create various public and private custom fields such as checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, and date fields to store different types of customer data to be used in your marketing efforts or for other resons.

Metrics & analytics

Discover more with real-time data

Measure the success of your campaigns, track audience growth, and analyze various metrics and insights across all audiences.

Monitor your email delivery, campaign performance, customer growth, and events to gain a comprehensive view of your data.
View real-time statistics for all messages and audiences including send, delivery, open, click, bounce, spam rates, and other advanced insights.
Audit logs
Review your team's activities in Dynosend, including past actions, login activities, and all performed actions for enhanced accountability and oversight.
Marketing automation
Multi-channel automation

Set up marketing automation workflows and save more time

Easily choose between many triggers, create multi-channel messages including Slack and webhooks, add tags, transfer contacts between audiences, apply changes, and perform other actions that cater to your specific needs.

Our builder enables you to visually create nodes for your marketing automation workflows, resulting in an improved customer experience, while also allowing you to focus on your strategy and save time.

Email marketing
Email marketing

Create and send email marketing campaigns at scale

Send various email marketing campaigns, such as newsletters and product updates, with added features such as personalization, geotracking, resending options, and more.

Transactional emails
Transactional emails

A robust API for all your transactional messages

Effortlessly trigger transactional messages such as password resets, order confirmations, and more using our API. You have the flexibility to design the message using our editors, or send the content via API calls with added personalization options.

Customer segmentation

Narrow down your audience with segmentation

Narrow down your audience by applying various criteria, such as demographics, events, behaviors, preferences, or engagement levels, to only select the right customers and to send highly targeted messages.

Single customer view
360° customer view

View each customer profile and their activity individually

Seamlessly access and manage individual customer profiles, including events, custom data, sent emails, tags, segments and more, all from one user-friendly interface.

Webform builder

Customize and embed a webform to collect contacts

With our intuitive interface, you can add styles to the webform that comes with each audience to match your branding and use it to collect contacts and leads from your website.

Liquid tags personalization

Add a personal touch to your messages with liquid tags

Insert liquid tags in your messages or outgoing webhooks to replace the tag with your customer data for dynamic personalization.

Email template management
Template management

Make your emails look the way you desire and save them

Easily design your email templates however you like and save them for future use to save your time and focus on what matters most.

Predesigned templates
Just make a few changes to our beautiful predesigned templates if you're in a rush.
Drag and drop
Create email templates with our simple no-code drag and drop editor in no time.
Import your own
Easily import your existing templates desgined somewhere else in one click of a button.
Multiple editors
You used the drag and drop but you want to edit the code? Sure! Switch between editors quickly.
Event tracking
Event tracking

Track what your users are doing in your product

Easily keep a record of what your users and customers do or don't do in your product, such us performing specific actions, login activities and so on.


Robust and secure platform

Measure the success of your campaigns, track audience growth, and analyze various metrics and insights across all audiences.

Two-Factor Authentication
Enhance the security of your account with an additional verification step whenever you are prompted to log in.
Member roles
Assign a role to each team member that grants them certain permissions, and keep logs of every action in your account.
Extended storage
Retain all account logs and marketing analytics for the entire duration of your account.

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