Build amazing workflows and send meaningful messages

Dynosend has all the tools you need for you to create meaningful and targeted campaigns to handle communication with customers.

Create custom fields

Store different data, improve your marketing and personalize your messaging with custom fields for your contacts.






Radio button

Select box

Date & time


Custom data fields
Contact segmentation

Segment your contacts

Narrow down your audience and only select the right customers who meet certain conditions.


Contact fields

What they do in your product

Email engagement

Open/click location

Subscription status

Email validation result

Contact adding method


See individual customer profile

Visualize data for each customer individually to see their data fields, events, tags and segments in one place.

Individual customer profile
Audience management

Manage multiple audiences

Create multiple audiences (mail lists) to easily manage different sources of data and create messages for each audience.

Validate email addresses

Verify email address deliverability for all your contacts in bluk or individually to reduce bounce rate and clean your list (unlimited, included for free).

Email verification

Generate new leads

Create an embeddable html webform and hosted sign-up page to collect leads from your website or any external source for each of your audiences.

A complete solution to grow your business

Workflow builder

Visually design your automation workflows and edit them in production without any interruption.

Multi-channel messaging

Send emails and SMS messages (Telnyx), you can also use webhooks and send messages on Slack for different cases (e.g. internal communication).

Insights and reports

Compare broadcasts, audiences and general metrics across your dashboard in seconds, and export campaign logs at any time.

Attachment hosting

Unlimited attachment hosting to send files with your emails without using a third party hosting service.

Template management

Design, code, import and manage responsive, beautiful and mobile-ready templates for all your marketing needs.

Email tracking

Track all your email opens and clicks with no delay and get location of openers and clickers.

Software alone isn't enough

Relaying on software is great, but it's even better to have real people to help you and make sure everything goes as planned ... we can do that!

Unlimited technical support

Every customer has access to email support and help center to get help and will hear back in less than 6 hours.

Customer success manager

From integrating your application to creating complex workflows, your dedicated CSM will help you at every step of the way.

One-on-one consultation

We'll work together using email or Slack to build your sales & marketing playbook and create automations for all your business needs.

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